National legislation on organ donation

Main Law references

Removal and Transplantation of Organs of Human Origin Act, consisting of a Principal Law, 127(I)2012 and two amendments, 102(I)2014 and 160(Ι)/2017.

Expression of consent or dissent and organs that can be donated

To become a donor, you need to fill in a form on the Ministry of Health website that allows you to join the National Potential Donor Register.

The National Register of Potential Organ and Tissue Donors was created in 2013 on the basis of the legislation (N. 127(I)/2012) on organ donation and transplantation. It is the only Registry in which the data of people who express their wish to donate organs and tissues posthumously for transplantation are entered.

Living donation: blood and kidneys, but only if spouse, relative up to the third degree or person with whom you have a close relationship.

Post mortem donation: lungs, heart, intestines, pancreas, kidneys, liver.

National laws on organ donation


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