National legislation on organ donation

Main law references

Law on the protection of the body of a deceased person and the medical use of human tissues and organs - Riga, December 15th 1992

Regulations on the Use of Human Organs in Medicine and the Use of Human Organs and the Body of a Dead Person for Medical Studies - Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 70, Riga, January 29th, 2013 (protocol No. 6 § 15)

Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

Starting from 1st February 2021 organ donation in Latvia is based on the possibility of registering as a donor or non-donor on the Health System’s online portal. If the will of the deceased is not known, the consent of the closest relatives is required. If there are no relatives, the principle of presumed consent is followed.
Donations from a living person: blood, bone marrow and, in some cases, kidneys.
Donation after death: kidneys, pancreas, heart, liver.

National laws on organ donation


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