National legislation on organ donation

Main law references

Subsidiary Legislation: SL 483.01 – 10 November 2006

Subsidiary Legislation (integration): SL 558.01 – 16 December 2016

The main text is SL 483.01, integrated for timing of transposition of EU standards (exposed in the last paragraph) by SL 558.01 .

Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

To donate it’s necessary:

-being over 16 years old

-being resident in Malta

-have sane mental healt

Registration by own free will on a special register – National Human Organ and Tissues Donation Register. Registration takes place on paper, by telephone or online on the appropriate platform. Dissent – or possible unsubscription – takes place by the same channels.

Donable organs: kidneys,liver, lungs,heart, pancreas, small bowel

Textile: cartilage, bones, heart valves,ligaments, tendons, corneas

National laws on organ donation


Organizations and Contacts