National legislation on organ donation

Main law references

Act on the Medical Use of Human Organs, Tissues and Cells, No. 101/2001

Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

On the website (which is the national health care patient database, used by all public and most private health care providers) it is possible to save the living will and organ donation testament.

It is also possible to get an organ donation card which indicates the individual’s volition clearly also to family and loved ones. An organ donation card can be ordered free of charge by post and can be filled out and saved to the smartphone by downloading a free organ donation mobile app.

Donation from a living donor 

Organs, tissues or cells may be removed from living donors who have given their written informed consent. They are free to revoke their consent at any time before the organ, tissue or cell is removed, without having to state the reason.

Donation after death 

The so-called “presumed consent” is in force in Finland. According to the law, the organs and tissues of a person who is brain dead may be used for the benefit of another person if the patient has not objected to organ donation during his/her lifetime. The deceased’s opinion must be ascertained. If the opinion is not known, relatives must be asked for information about the potential donor’s view concerning the matter. A relative may not prohibit organ donation on his or her own grounds.

National laws on organ donation


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