National legislation on organ donation

Main law references

CLIV Health Care Act 1997 ( )

Decree 18/1998 (XII. 27.) of the Ministry of the Environment on the implementation of the provisions of the 1997 CLIV Act on health care in the field of transplantation and conservation of organs and tissues and certain pathological examinations ( )

Government Decree 323/2006 (XII. 23.) on the National Blood Service ( )

Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

Presumed consent: if someone has not protested in writing against the use of their organs for organ transplantation in the event of their death, it can be assumed that they consent to this. Anyone who wishes to object to the donation can do so by giving notice for inclusion in the dedicated register.

Donable organs (living donor)
-one of the paired organs, the removal of which does not cause serious and permanent disability
-a part of an organ (organ segment) which, if removed, will continue to function without significant loss of function
– regenerative tissue.

National laws on organ donation


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