National legislation on organ donation

Main law references

Law No. 91/99 “Provisions on the removal and transplantation of organs and tissues” provides that every citizen is notified of the request to express their will on organ donation after death according to the principle of informed silence-consent.

Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

The donation of organs, tissues and cells is a voluntary act, conscious, informed, ethical, supportive, anonymous, free. It is in full guarantee of respect for the privacy of both the donor and the recipient.
In Italy, to become organ donors, consent or explicit dissent is required.

5 ways to declare in life the will to donate organs, tissues and cells:
-ID Card
-Module ASL
-Blue Card / Donor Card
-Holograph Act (AIDO)
-Declaration with date and signatureLiving donations

Organs: kidney (Legge 26 giugno 1967 n. 458), liver (Legge 16 dicembre 1999 n. 483), lung, pancreas and intestine (Legge 19 settembre 2012 n. 167)

Tissues and cells: blood, bone marrow

“Surgical waste”: bone (femur heads), veins (safene), amniotic membrane (placenta)

Donation after death

Organs: heart, lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas and intestine

National laws on organ donation

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