National legislation on organ donation 

Main law references

In the Slovak Republic, the conditions of donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells are regulated by the Collection of Laws No. 317/2016 (law on transplants)

 Expression of consent or dissent to the donation and organs that can be donated

The organ donor can be dead or alive. Under strict legal conditions, living donors can donate a kidney, part of the liver or part of the lungs. One dead donor can save or significantly improve the quality of life of up to seven patients by donating organs. The principles that applies in the Slovak Republic is presumed consent: this means that all Slovak citizens are potential organ donor after death-in case of refusal, this must be reported. The condition for starting the organ harvesting process is the complete and irreversible loss of all brain functions of the potential donor (brain death), therefore when it is no longer possible for the patient to restore vital functions.

National laws on organ donation


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